Class Info

Yoga is not a religion – yet it can support all religions or spiritual beliefs.  Yoga is a spiritual activity that promotes benefits for the mind, spirit and body.  All classes at Inner Vision Yoga are practiced for their meditative and transformative benefits.  Yoga in general teaches the recognition of conscious awareness and the release of all unnecessary activity of body/mind to realize the distinction from the unreal and attain liberation.

The primary form of yoga practiced at Inner Vision Yoga is hatha yoga, though you will also encounter Jnana, Karma and Bhakti yoga here.  The ultimate aim of hatha yoga is the calming of monied and body achieve a level of self-understanding leading to union with the divine. Traditional hatha yoga is a holistic experience that includes chanting, postures, breathing and meditation.

We could not do it without YOU!  It is our intention to provide the highest quality yoga instruction available.  If ever you feel ill at ease about your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us with your concerns.  We are happy to work with you in a way that is fair and respectful.

Please note that no kids under 16 years of age are allowed in regular adult classes, unless approved by the teacher in advance.  Parents must ask permission from the teacher in advance. 
Please note: Adults are not allowed to take the Kids Yoga class, unless their child needs special assistance, and has been approved by the teacher in advance.