Channeling the Chi: Spinal Integrity – June 19th, 2021, Online or In Person

Channeling the Chi: Spinal Integrity with Josh, Online or In Person

Please join Josh for this unique experience.  June 19th Saturday 12:30 – 1:45 PM at the Chandler Studio or Online.

Get the early price of $20 through June 12; $30 after June 12.

Join Josh for a physical practice that targets the abdominals, waistline, and back, in toning, stretching, strengthening, range of motion exercises and isolations. Result: some relief in lower back tightness and pain, firmed up central abdominal muscles and obliques, fat burned around the waistline, and some tension and tightness release in the hamstrings.

On the energetic level, we will be on the quest for the uddiyana bandha (“the flying upward lock”), as we further tune into the hara, the dan tien: the power center, the core, indeed, the center of the self. From this place, we can deliberately retreat back into self, and then manifest from outward to create. Make manifest your goal(s), use your power from the core, the center of self, with spinal integrity and channel the chi.  This workshop includes NO PLANKS, NO DOWNWARD FACING DOGS, and NO ARM BALANCES (there will be gentle wrist, elbow, and shoulder therapy included throughout).


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