Mar 11th Fear to Clear™: The Yoga of Personal Transformation

with Jeff Martens
Ahwatukee or online REPLAY Webinar
March 11 Saturday 1:00-3:30 pm; optional Integrative Yoga Practice 3:30-4:30 pm
March 12 Sunday 1:00-3:30 pm; optional Integrative Yoga Practice 3:30-4:30 pm

Mark your calendars… The Fabulous Fear to Clear: The Yoga of Personal Transformation  is here!  This powerfully enlightening workshop is an experiential journey of personal transformation.  Always evolving with input from the latest scientific studies, therapeutic techniques and somatic practices, this workshop marries science, physiology and neuroanatomy with spiritual awareness and the practice of yoga.
Those benefiting from this experience includes psychologists, therapists, Physical Therapists, yoga teachers/ practitioners, anyone in the healing arts and anyone interested in personal transformation.  You will laugh, you may cry and you will most certainly be afraid and mostly have a lot of FUN!  The only requirements are a dedication to self-honesty and the willingness to change and embrace the life that you always knew you wanted.

What is Fear to Clear™?
First offered in January 2009, Fear to Clear has helped people to change lives and alter the course of their consciousness on every level.  In this workshop, rather than merely talking about or mentally reliving the past, together we will consciously choose and then move into a direct experience to live the truth of our free selves today, in the Now, as an instrument for experiencing a different reality.
Fear to Clear is a process of directly experiencing courageous sacred action applied directly to what you are the most  afraid of in your life.  The language of your biological core is feeling.  A “fear to clear” experience uses the language of feeling to consciously help re-appraise your self-concept on an experiential level and open the door of realization to help you meet who you really are.

Sample feedback from past participants:

What an eye opening and life altering experience it has been and is becoming for me! It gave me the nudge I needed to begin to move forward and heal.  – S.S.

Thank you so much for  sharing your gift of seeing right to the truth of things, and expressing it with such laser like clarity and eloquence and compassion.  – D.D.

thank you for pushing me to go this deep (even if you didn’t know that you were ‘pushing me’). I am grateful for you and your work. Thank you.. – C.R.

I signed up for the Fear to Clear workshop and in my wildest imagination I had no idea how my life was going to be transformed during and after that workshop.  At the time, I was seeking and searching to find my path.  I read every self-help book, every inspirational quote and every written text I found from motivational speakers and leaders.  But it just seemed that somehow there was no breakthrough… To say that this workshop was transformative is an understatement. – N.N.

About the presenter: Jeff Martens has been teaching yoga, yoga therapy, yoga and psychology and practical somatic yoga therapy for over 25 years.  Read more here


You may attend this workshop online or in-person.  Weekend Pricing INCLUDES Integrative Yoga Practice Sat and Sun: Somatic reinforcement of all the lessons and experiences of the day.

Saturday, March 11: 1-3:30

Introduction – the Yoga of Abhinivesha: The Survival Instinct
What is surviving? What is fear from a yoga perspective and how does it rule our lives?  What are some of the things that you are afraid of? How is most fear related to a stressful holding and false sense of survival? How do Science and Yoga agree on the nature and resolution of fear?  Learn how to find out what is at the root of all fears and how to use this knowledge in a transformational journey back to the root of all fears, opening to our own unique path of healing along the way.

World’s End: Uncertainty, Fear and Freedom
The words “I AM” are the two most powerful words in the English language. Once your concept of yourself (the asmita – “I -Amness”) changes from a foundation of fear to a foundation of love, your experience of the outer forms in your life must also begin to shift. Learn what strange new wondrous lands await you beyond the black ocean of fear – and start planning your expedition to get there!

Sunday March 12: 1:00-3:30

The Phantom Self and Sacred Action: Living Liberation
Place your new concept of yourself into action through your yoga practice. Discover how to release your particular holding patterns in the body and their relation to fear or a blocked flow of energy. Through group and individual work, journaling, special meditations, postural analysis and repatterning, dramatic activities and discussion, begin to synthesize a plan of action – Karma Yoga – to create your own evolutionary experience.

Desire as Evolution: Living Liberation Part 2
What do I really want in life?  This question reveals your Heart’s Desire.  This is a question that few people bother to ask, and even fewer bother to truly answer.  Though desire has been demonized by almost every major religion is is also the fuel and engine of all existence.  Learn how to answer the most important question in your life honestly and then harness desire consciously to boost yourself out of your own habitual orbit.

Bonus Workshop Webinar: All attendees have the option to purchase a BONUS ONLINE WORKSHOP WEBINAR: The MASK – Going Beyond Your Archetype.  Over 6 hours of online presentation of archetypes of human consciousness, how to recognize and use them to your advantage for just $49 more (normally $69)!

ALL Workshop hours here may apply to Healing Emphasis Yoga Therapy Program.  Ask for more details.


$99 early, $149 regular (includes Integrative Yoga Classes and Bonus webinar workshop)
IN PERSON/ONLINE attendees may receive the BONUS ONLINE WORKSHOP WEBINAR: The MASK – Going Beyond Your Archetype for  only $49 (normally $69)

Louise Hay: You Can Heal Your Life + other books, films and resources available online.
2 other online Textbooks will be included with registration.



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