Free Mastering Appreciations Workshop – Dec 1, 2019

Free Mastering Appreciations Workshop with Heath & Nicole Reed

Sunday, Dec 1st, 2019
4:30 – 6:00PM
Tempe Studio

This workshop is a Gratitude Partnership between Inner Vision Yoga and Living Metta and we are happy to offer this class free of charge!

Add value and delight to all your relationships as you broadcast an Attitude of Gratitude–verbally and non-verbally! Discover and practice applying the three secret ingredients of giving effective appreciations. And, grow your conscious communication skills as you learn to speak unarguably and grow your sensitive attention prowess. Incredibly different and supremely more potent than compliments, appreciations increase the joy factor for givers, receivers, and anyone in proximity. Join Heath and Nicole to generate a fun loving community of fellow appreciators!!

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Bios: Heath and Nicole Reed delight in team-teaching experiential classes that invite participants to grow their positivity, happiness, and loving kindness. Heath and Nicole co-founded Living Metta 18 years ago, and use the container of their business to coach healing practitioners, yogis, and leaders results-driven techniques that enhance health, wellness and thriving relationships. And Heath and Nicole utilize the playground of their 23-year relationship as a living laboratory with the goal of generating and sustaining larger amounts of ease, flow, and fun! Join the Reeds as we put to practice potent life hacks to establish harmonious thriving communication and connection!!

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