Our Philosophy

Why Inner Vision Yoga?

Inner Vision Yoga’s dedicated and enthusiastic teachers have extensive experience in every aspect of yoga from asana to anatomy to philosophy with an emphasis on cultivating greater awareness.  All classes are taught in a thoroughly supportive atmosphere to encourage physical and mental transformation.  “Go in, Peace Out” means that you experience more than just a “workout”; each class becomes a practice integrating mind, body and soul.

Your great class experience includes …

It is the intention of Inner Vision Yoga to provide you with:

  • One Class Package. Three Locations. Why settle for one studio when you can have THREE?
  • MORE classes + MORE variety = MOST choices! Nearly 150 classes a week means something for EVERYONE!
  • RADIANT HOT yoga classes heat you up the same way the sun does! State-of-the-art Far Infrared technology warms and heals from the inside out.
  • Enthusiastic, non-dogmatic encouragement. Most varied and deeply experienced teaching staff!

Our students don’t just get a workout – they get a life-changing journey!  Read one student’s experience below:

   In March 2017, I spent time with an orthopedic surgeon to review and plan a hip replacement surgery. I had lost a significant amount of mobility, was in constant pain, had trouble walking the dog each day, and had to stop playing golf (my hobby).
   I was a week or two from making appointments  for the surgery when you suggested I get back into Yoga at the newly opened studio, INNER VISION.
   Having nothing to loose, I started taking your “HEY” classes and Level 1 Flow. I have maintained a regular attendance of 3-4 times per week.
   I certainly have issues,  primarily with the hip, and my knees are bad from football and wrestling as a high school and college athlete, but I do my best at every session.
   I gave it a shot (surgery being last resort)!
   After 4 months of regular work, and support from you and staff at Inner Vision, my progress and improvement is nothing short of remarkable. I have limits, but you have carefully guided me to personal success.
   The physical improvement is amazing! I can walk the dog 3-4 miles! I have started practicing golf again, and have played a couple of rounds!(game is rusty, but not because of hip problem). I am hitting the ball as well as 3-4 years ago. I have added flexibility and range of motion I thought was gone forever!  Something as simple as tying my shoes, CAN DO!
   My body has responded to all the physical and mental work incorporated in the classes, and I am so glad I took your advice.
I am not planning to have the surgery. There is always a little pain and discomfort with the hip joint, (knees too) but the stretching work  and strength I have added more than compensates.
   I clearly am excited and happy with the decision to use yoga as an alternative to surgery, and will continue to attend classes an work at  improving and maintaining my new found “comfort zone”.
   Thank you for all the support and wonderful classes you teach that are part of my “rehab” program.
   I never would have guessed, but this is a fantastic way to achieve self improvement! 

– Dave S.