The Resilient YOU 2022 In Person and Online

Jan 22nd – Feb 12th, 2022 
Saturdays 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
Tempe Studio

Early price $99 by Jan 15th, $139 after.

You ARE resilient, strong, mighty, inspiring and absolutely powerful.  We have survived one of the most challenging times of our lifetime and many of us may have even thrived and grown in many ways.  So let’s enter 2022 together with even more vigor, vitality and exuberant life energy.  Join us for a 4-week program to begin the year with agency of our lives, to explore the possibilities and to truly recognize the greatness within ourselves and each other.  

The sessions will be each Saturday from January 22nd to Feb 12th, 2022

The classes will be in person, live-streamed & recorded.

  • January 22 -Session 1 – Enter the New Year with Intention & Purpose – Nasim Nourian – Entering the new year is an important transition.  Many of us start with a half-thought-out ‘resolution’ while still stuck in a state of lack and need. In this active session, we move into creating intentions that allow us to take action toward greater self-care with connection to a deeper meaning and purpose.
  • January 29 – Session 2 – Your Breath is always here, You never lost it – Imelda Gerard – During this session,  we will practice pranayamas, chants, meditations and asanas to rekindle our relationship with the breath and balance our mind, body and spirit.
  • February 5 – Session 3 – Practicing Mindfulness with a Wandering Mind – Julie Hoffman – Our mind wanders at least 50% of the time.  That means we’re paying attention only 50% of the time.  Practicing mindfulness is a proven way to guide our attention to whatever it is that we’re doing including caring for ourselves and our loved ones.  Dr. Julie Hoffman will guide you through movements and meditation using mindfulness to anchor your attention in the present.
  • February 12 – Session 4 – Embodying Poses with Resolve & Grace – Lisa Jane Vargas – When we take our attention to see what is really there for us, a new reality can open up.  In this final session, we’ll complete the workshop by an asana practice inspired from a place of abundance and the greatness that is already within.


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