Three Inspiring New Year’s Workshops: Live or Livestream with Jeff, Aaron and Michele

January 21st Saturday: 11:30am Tempe – WHO is doing your yoga practice? With Jeff Martens

A 30 minute dive into the the source of all suffering and in yoga and many other spiritual paths – and the realization that transforms this suffering into freedom. Learn and experience how this Truth relates to you and your yoga practice!

Feb 12, Sunday: 2pm Tempe – Relaxation is a Verb with Michele Dante

Restorative yoga is often perceived as doing nothing but lying around … but the action of letting go is sometimes the hardest part of Yoga! Learn how even one posture can support your stronger or more active practices and even prepare you to face what life brings in equanimity. Your nervous system will thank you.

Feb 25th, Saturday: 12:30pm Chandler – Yoga for relief or prevention of sciatic pain with Aaron Goldberg

We will do a short series of exercises and stretches that will relieve most sciatica pain.  When practiced regularly these yoga exercises would prevent the occurrence of such issues.

Get ALL THREE workshops for just $39 up to January 21st;  Not available after January 21st

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Jeff Martens
Aaron Goldberg
Michele Dante


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