Yoga and Homeopathy for Women’s Health Issues – Sep 14th, 2019

Yoga and Homeopathy for Women’s Health Issues with Ben Ta’ati and Michele Dante

Saturday, Sep 14th
Tempe Studio

Early price of $30 by Sep 13th; $40 on Sep 14th

Learn how Homeopathy and Yoga work so well together and have wellness at your fingertips! Feel better, naturally!

Yoga and Homeopathy have very similar roots as they both tap the inner reservoir of wellness within each of us. Ben and Michele will introduce you to the foundations of both practices, bringing to light specifically how they can help concerns in Women’s Health. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn how to use Homeopathy at home for Women’s Health Issues of all kinds. Learn how to use a specific acute care reference guide (purchase at workshopor bring), receive handouts and knowledge on  when andhow to use Homeopathic remedies for a variety of acute care  conditions. Getting in touch with yourself through yoga will be explored as well. Be sure to register ASAP!

  • How homeopathy and yoga can be a very powerfulcombination for achieving and maintaining optimal health.
  • How Homeopathy is different from supplementation andherbal medicine.
  • How to use Homeopathic remedies and yoga at home to help your body to recover from a multitude of acute
    conditions, specifically related to women’s issues.
  • Recommended by Michele Dante who will be presenting at the workshop.

“Ben is one of the most unique and gifted healers I have ever met. Join us for an exploration, including Q&A into the healing effects of Homeopathy!” – Michele

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Buy this book before workshop or purchase at workshop:
Homeopathic Remedies: A Quick and Easy Guide to Common Disorders and Their Homeopathic Treatments
by Asa Hershoff

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