Josh Rothman

Josh_RothmanJosh Rothman is a master-level (500 hour) certified yoga instructor. He earned both his 200 hour and master-level certifications from Inner Vision Yoga.  Sports related injuries from many years of playing competitive soccer led him to the practice of yoga; he has been teaching yoga since 2005. His love of asana is the experience of how healing it is for mind and body. Josh gears classes towards the healing of past (and prevention of future) injuries, along with an exploration of the connections between the physical, the psychological and the spiritual. Josh also participates in yoga teacher training programs as an instructor. Additionally, he hosts workshops on yoga for athletes, arm balances and inversions,  as well as all-levels yoga flow workshops set to popular music themes,  and also hosts yoga retreats.  Having a diverse background in the liberal arts, Josh has completed post-graduate work in justice studies, political philosophy and religious studies. As a jnana yogi, he is drawn to any intellectual pursuit that sheds light upon the true self.

Off the mat his passions are science fiction/fantasy literature, playing and watching sports, and playing musical instruments.

Josh has truly mastered the art of teaching yoga to the benefit of those attending.  He combines his extensive knowledge of the human body and its energy systems with his deep felt passion and understanding of yoga and its principles to attentively and intuitively instruct.  He has a great ability to specifically communicate the mechanics of the physical poses and/or adjustments as well as the deeper philosophy of a yogi and its implications for everyday living.  One always leaves his classes feeling worked out, inspired and replenished. A+ Instructor.-Felicia B.

Attending Josh’s classes is something I look forward to each week.  I know when I take one of his classes I will be challenged mentally and physically and will leave feeling centered and rejuvenated.-Lindy H. IVY Student

Josh teaches yoga in a manner which is very thoughtful and deliberate.  He structures the class so that each student, regardless of level, can enjoy a challenging and contemplative experience.-Melissa Bialczak 200 hr IVY Teacher Trainer Graduate & Yoga Instructor

“Josh brings a strong energy to class.  His balance of philosophy, encouragement, and humor make for a well-rounded yoga class. Josh’s energy and motivation has been an ongoing inspiration to my yoga practice.  His knowledge and teaching skills continuously open new doors.  His teaching style resonates with me, and it is evident that it does with many students that cross his path.” Andrew G. IVY Teacher Trainee

“I have been practicing yoga for seven years and Josh is by far one of the best teachers I have ever had. Josh is confident and knowledgeable yet calm, gentle, focused and kind. Josh realizes the power of the mind and continually tells his classes, “You can accomplish anything you put your mind to.Which is key not only on the yoga mat.  His classes vary and his gentle classes are just as benefiting/rewarding as his harder classes.  I always leave Josh’s classes with my body feeling stronger yet rested, my mind calm and my heart at peace.”
Marcia A.

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