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As Of May 22nd:

MASKS ARE OPTIONAL in all areas at any Inner Vision Yoga location.

All Showers Open at all locations

All Props Available on-site

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SCHEDULE CHANGES: Starting May 22.  More classes and new teachers to be added in the coming weeks as well!

NEW TEACHER! 8:30am R60 Hot Flow – with Laurie – New Teacher
NEW CLASS: Karen’s 10am 60 minute “RE 26 – Radiant Hot Essentials” class changes to “Radiant Hot 26: 70 minutes” – New class format and length

NEW TEACHER, NEW TIME: 9:30am Radiant HOT 60 Flow with Laurie changes to 9am Radiant HOT 60 Flow with Noell
NEW TEACHER, NEW TIME: 10:45am Level 1 with Laurie changes to 10:15am Level 1 Flow with Noell


NEW TIME and CLASS: Jeff 9am 60 Flow changing to 8:30am “Radiant Hot 26” and 8:30am livestream 26 posture Virtual Adjust (New class time, new Live Time slot)
NEW LIVE CLASS! 10:30am Yin with Donna is now live and livestream.

NEW CLASS!  10:15 Meditation with Michele

Laurie’s 5:45pm 60 flow changing to “Radiant Hot CORE + CSR”


Radiant HOT 60 Flow at 5:45pm with Jeff is changing to “Radiant Hot 26” at 6:00pm.  60 Flow livestream changing to 26 Posture Class

NEW! 6PM Restorative with Michele
NEW 7:15PM Meditation with Michele

Wednesdays: AHWATUKEE
NEW Radiant Warm Yin 10:30am with Jeff
Karen’s 5:15pm Radiant Hot Essentials changing to 5:30pm and titled “Radiant Hot 26”


NEW LIVE AND ONLINE CLASS: 9:30am “Radiant Hot 26” in-person class with Donna and “26 Posture Class” livestream with Donna

TIME CHANGE: Radiant Hot 60 Flow with Paige moved to 4:30PM
TIME CHANGE: Level 1 with Deb moved to 5:45PM

NEW! 7PM Vocal Meditation/Chanting with Michele





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Saturday, May 22nd we continue being open BETTER THAN NEW with a REVISED SCHEDULE, MORE YOGA for you AND YOUR CHOICE to wear your mask during class!

Saturday May 22nd and Sunday May 23rd – Two days only!

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Past Updates


Ever wonder why we are still wearing masks to protect you?   We are doing it because it works. Click here to see how!

9/24/20 – Come to a SAFE yoga studio for your in-person practice.  Expect the place where you care to practice to really care about YOU!

Practice with us in a SAFE environment!  Reduce risk and practice consciously for you and the people around you.  To practice SAFELY, make sure that your yoga studio…

  • Requires masks on premises before, during and after classes per the Governor’s emergency order mandate. (Bandanas and nylon gaiters will not be accepted as a face covering because they do not protect the wearer or others in the room.)
  • Disinfects handles and levers before, during and after each class.
  • Cleans floors with FDA approved cleaner after every singe class.
  • Has teachers wear masks to reduce viral transmission and lower potential airborne virus load.
  • Ensures that clients wear masks correctly covering nose and mouth at all times as a condition of practicing.
  • Practices social distancing with entry and exit precautions.
  • Provides fresh air with open doors and/or windows during every class.

Expect the safest possible environment for your practice!  We focus on providing the safest environment so that you can focus on and benefit from what matters the most: your yoga practice.

9/10/20 – We are open!

Come join us in a safe, supportive and uplifting environment.  Class sizes are limited and rooms are ventilated with fresh air.

“So happy to have live in-studio classes again! I attended Aaron‘s class this morning in Chandler (Wed 9/9) and was surprised that there weren’t many students. I encourage you all to come, because they have done a great job in making the studio clean and safe. I felt totally protected, so I hope many more of you will come to class! No props available, so bring your own if you need them. I appreciate the online offerings, but for me, there is no substitute for in-person classes. My mind and my body feel so good now!” – E.C.

Masks are required before, during and after classes on premises. (see below).  All yoga studios are required to follow the emergency order for this requirement until further notice.

9/1/20 – Why we will all wear a mask in yoga classes upon reopening. (We will return to mask-free classes as soon as it is safe to do so)

Your safety, health and peace of mind is our highest priority.  As we reopen starting Labor Day, Sept, 7th, 2020, in addition to our numerous other safeguarding policies, masks will be mandatory at all times on studio premises including in the yoga room.  We do this being mindful of protecting our staff, students, teachers and their families.  It is also the current mandated emergency order by the governor and reduces societal risk.  If you are not able to safely wear a mask and exercise please take our classes online at home.  Here are a few points to consider for wearing a mask while you practice yoga with others indoors:

  • A facemask can save your life even if you get infected wearing one
  • Facemasks reduce virus load in the air and slow the spread of disease
  • The CDC recommends it (and our reopening Sept 7th proves it worked in AZ)
  • It is state-mandated.  Until the infection rate drops, any yoga studio needs to require mask use for all clients at all times or risk fines and the health of its attendees.
    • “You are required to wear a mask while at the facility. – Masks should not be placed on children less than 2 years of age, anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove the cover without assistance. – In accordance with CDC guidelines, individuals who are engaged in high intensity activities, like running, may not be able to wear a mask if it causes difficulty breathing. – If unable to wear a mask, these individuals should not participate in activities conducted at indoor gyms and fitness centers.

THANK YOU for supporting the well-being of our teachers and staff showing up to serve you as well as the safety of your fellow students.  We are all in this together!  Please note that masks must be correctly worn covering the chin and nose with gaps closed.  Open vented masks (ie, masks that have vents with no inserted filters) will not be considered as wearing a mask.  Wearing a sheer polyester gaitor as a sole mask will not be considered as wearing a mask

8/28/20 – We are Reopening!

Yesterday the Governor cleared the way for yoga studios to reopen under mandatory restrictions.  We are so happy to announce that our first LIVE classes of this reopening will take place Labor Day, September 7th, 2020.

We are OPENING! Aaron, Jeff and Michele will kick off our in person and streamed classes on Monday, September 7th!*
We will continue with both LOVE (live) streaming AND In person classes starting Tuesday!
Look out for our new upcoming schedule – We can’t wait to see you!! Online and In Person!
LIVE CLASSES RESUME Labor Day, September 7th, 2020
AHWATUKEE: 9-10am – Radiant HOT 60 flow 9am.
CHANDLER: 10:15-11:15am – Level 1-2 with Aaron
TEMPE: 11:30-12:30 – Level 1 with Michele

*please note we are mandated to have strict guidelines in place to assure the safety of all of our clients and staff.  Valid masks must be correctly worn (ie, chin mouth and nose covered with no gaps) to enter the premises and participate during class at all times.

8/11/20 – Closed executive Order still in effect

Despite private court cases or rulings affirming a path to reopen, the governor’s executive emergency order closing all gyms (and yoga studios) still remains in effect.  The governor may try to appeal any court rulings against this emergency order, open gyms, or do nothing and effectively extend the order.  There is no way for us to open and not break the emergency order and subject ourselves to hefty fines and our staff to undue risk with the infection rate still high.  Hopefully when the infection rate drops a bit more we will be allowed to open in at least a reserved capacity.  In the meantime we greatly appreciate all of your support and interest for our live stream, 24 hour replay and on-demand classes.  Please try us online and thank you for choosing Inner Vision Yoga.

6/29/20 – Governor closes Gyms (and yoga studios) for 30 days

We are relieved that all of us can be on the same page and work toward the same goal of saving lives, minimizing exposure and encouraging the virus to decline for good.  Though we anticipated the need for this closure and acted earlier to help address this reemergence, we are still sad to see it happening for everyone and recognize the incredible difficulty that people will be facing with this virus and this formal closure of businesses.  Everyone’s lives and livelihoods are at stake.  We are all connected and it is time to take care of one another.  We will be seeing you soon as we all work together.

6/20/20 – Pause in reopening

To best care for our clients, staff and teachers, we have temporarily paused our reopening due to the record numbers of new Covid events.  ENHANCED online live stream and yoga-on-deamand will continue stronger and better than ever!

As of 6/20/20, Arizona has the undesirable distinction of being one of the worst places in the United States for increasing Covid infection rates and increased demand placed on hospital capacity.  Before receiving this news, Inner Vision Yoga was wrestling with signs of increasing infection rates attributed to testing.  We were set to re-open all three studios June 15th and then news of the increasing spread of Coronavirus hit even harder.  In response, IVY opened just one location and then two days later reduced the already diminished class sizes by an additional 33%.

The current rising infection rate doesn’t sit well in our hearts as we value everyone’s safety, including the safety of our staff, teachers and students.  The first principle is yoga is Ahimsa – non-harm.  Because of this, we are temporarily pausing our on-site group classes until we can reopen with full integrity for the safety of our staff, teachers and clients. Our biggest hope is that, in just a few short weeks , we can put these circumstances we are facing now behind us, just as other states and countries have done.

Until we get new information about Covid’s mortality rate, infection rate or threat capacity, we wil remain paused for live group classes as of June 22.

IVY will continue to offer the highest quality streaming classes with new improvements such as new cameras, online in-class adjustments, an improved schedule with greater variety and online workshops plus some bonus features. We do anticipate this unexpected spike in coronavirus will lower and anticipate holding out financially until that time arrives to the best of our ability.

We realize that it may be a big ask to seek your continued participation and support when we are not offering in-person classes… We really do “get” that you too have your own challenges to deal with and we totally recognize the value of being physically present with one another. We miss you.
We are here with you. We sincerely hope that you will continue to offer our most experienced and caring staff the opportunity to share our unique virtual instruction within your homes.
Thank you so much for learning and growing with us as we continue to serve the community that we have loved for the past 18 years.

Update 6/10/20

To make sure that we are optimally prepared for serving everyone including our community to the best of our ability, Inner Vision Yoga is aiming for a reopen date of June 15th.

PLEASE NOTE: The situation in AZ is very fluid and this date can change and move later due to evolving circumstances.

We will be reopening in three phases with classes in our largest rooms and special precautions in place at all three studios.

Phase 1 – Ahwatukee Radiant (HOT) limited morning and evening classes reopening Monday, June 15th

Phase 2 – Chandler – Regular classes (no hot radiant classes at first) reopening Monday, June 22nd

Phase 3 – Tempe – Regular classes and limited hot radiant schedule reopening Monday, June 29th.

  • In addition to in studio group classes, our LOVE (Live) Stream classes and Yoga on Demand will also be made available from now on due to popular demand.

New Reopening Procedures

Changes to protect you:

  • For the health of our employees and your fellow yoga practitioners, you are asked not to attend a class if you or a live-in family member is ill or has a fever
  • Hand sanitization stations available at check-in
  • Interior doors will remain open in all non-heated classes
  • air recirculation with filtration will be implemented
  • Shoes may be left at the entrance to keep floors cleaner for bare feet
  • Practice floors, handles and knobs will be disinfected regularly, including after each class
  • To help ensure safety and to keep operations efficient, please limit your time in the studio before and after class during the initial few weeks of reopening.

Changes to the way you take classes:

  • Pre-registration (7 day maximum) will be required in all classes to reserve a limited-availability spot (online registration and payment required).
  • Due to limited capacities, cancellations of a class registration must be made no less than Twelve (12) hours before your start time or you will be charged a class off of your numbered class package OR $15 for the space you use if you have an unlimited package.
  • Schedule offerings will be reduced to ensure proper cleaning.
  • Staggered scheduling will be implemented to support social distancing in lobby and halls
  • Initially, only one-hour classes will be offered so we can serve the most people
  • Child yoga classes will be temporarily suspended.  Please leave your child at home for now…

Changes to the way you will be taught:

  • No hands-on touching or adjustments by teachers
  • Teachers will teach from a central location and avoid walking around the room
  • Class mat setup will emphasize proper distancing procedures
  • No forceful pranayamas will be taught.  students will be encouraged to use ujjayi breathing (slow deep even in and out breaths through back of nose)

Changes to where you practice:

  • Outside doors will remain open in all hot far-infrared yoga classes in Chandler and Ahwatukee.  All large windows will be opened at the back of the hot room in Tempe.
  • Props, rental mats and rental towels will not be available
  • Employees at desk will be behind a clear protective barrier
  • Showers will not be available
  • Merchandise will be available for purchase with preferred payment of CC

Our complete live stream class schedule continues and we look forward to reopening as soon as possible so that it is safe for our staff, clients and the business as a whole.  Thank you so much for continuing to attend classes online as we work through this together.

Update 5/5/2020

Governor Ducey will begin a phased-in reopening of services and businesses starting next week.  We look forward to reopening as soon as it is safe, reasonable and possible for live classes…

Please join us for our great schedule of LOVE (Live) Stream classes online including on-demand yoga for classes that fit your needs.  Please visit for more info and thank you all for your ongoing support and attendance!

Update 3/19/20 evening

This afternoon Governor Ducey has taken further extraordinary steps and ordered the closure of all gyms starting tomorrow, March 20, at 6pm.

We at Inner Vision Yoga have decided to close our last open studio in Ahwatukee with a final LIVE class at 4:30.  OUR FIRST LIVE STREAMING CLASS WILL BEGIN AT 6pm: Yoga for a new Paradigm with Jeff Martens.

WE WILL BE OFFERING A FULL MENU OF CLASSES online.  Please check out our class schedule and use your Current class package to attend classes with some of the most experienced and enthusiastic yoga teachers in the Valley!  We appreciate you all so much and thank all of you who will choose to stick with us through these unprecedented times.  For all of you who maintain and use your class package please know that you are making it possible for us to pay some of our many considerable ongoing expenses and are helping us take care of and employ our staff the best that we can…

We love and appreciate you all!

Update 3/19/20:

We are extremely grateful for all the support and love that you have shown us during this difficult time!  Our intention is to keep serving you with in-person classes as long as it is as safe as possible for everyone involved.  We are running a very limited schedule at our Ahwatukee location ONLY (Tempe and Chandler are temporarily closed) following all government Covid protocols.  Classes are limited to 10 ppl and are 1/2 hour apart to allow cleaning time between classes and avoid cross-contact between ingoing and outgoing classes.  Students are spaced far apart in a large room heated with far-infrared panels.  All door handles and levers are disinfected between classes and there is no contact with ipads for sign-ins.  Showers, prop usage, mat/towel rentals and microfiber towel rentals are all suspended.

Attending classes in-person: One class per day per student please for in-person classes which are limited to 10.  If you cannot make the class withdraw your name at least 3 hours before class.  If you do not attend an in-person class your class-package will be charged.  Thank you so much for all of your support, kind wishes, encouragement.  Many of you have made commitments to keep your packages going through this challenging tie and this is allowing us to meet some expenses and pay our staff and stay in business.

Streaming classes starting by 3/20/20!  More info coming soon…

UPDATE: 3/18/20:

Inner Vision Yoga is closing its Tempe and Chandler locations and reducing its offerings from 130+ classes to 30 in an abundance of caution to voluntarily reduce exposure of its staff and students to the Covid 19 virus.  The Ahwatukee studio will remain open teaching a reduced HOT schedule with a cap of 10 students per class.  We will be streaming live classes to all active passholders and offering special opportunities to connect starting Friday, March 20th.  We ask for your support through this difficult time for all of us.  If you can possibly maintain your class package to help support the salaries and expenses of remaining an open and viable business we are extremely grateful.

The Mayor of Phoenix is saying there will be a closure of bars and restaurants.

Watch the Mayor’s declaration here.

UPDATE 3/17/20:

We have made some decisions that we want to share with you. We have been working to help support your yoga practices, with as little disruption as possible given current conditions, and with the same love we always desire to share with you.

Starting March 18th, we will close the Chandler and Tempe studios. We will keep Ahwatukee open for HOT classes ONLY, with 10 or fewer people in that enormous room, in each class, adhering to CDC guidelines.

You may pre-register for these classes on our website to reserve your spot. Additionally, these classes will be live-streamed and details will be forthcoming tomorrow!

All of this until April 1st, unless this situation changes and new guidelines are put forth.  April 1st, we will re-evaluate along with the rest of the world.

We will also be live streaming non-hot classes in the next few days.  We are getting the live stream Infrared Hot classes going first, which will double as active work out classes for home viewers.

But look out for Restorative, Yin, Level 1’s, HEY, the whole works ASAP with our teachers who can’t wait to see you again ONLINE!

Details on how to access our live stream classes will arrive to you by tomorrow!

Thank you for being on this amazing journey with us. We know this is such a challenging time and we hope to continue to inspire, comfort, learn and grow with you, open to connect in a little different way! We SO appreciate your ongoing support, your messages, your presence, your financial support, your patience and your love for the Inner Vision Community.

Let’s BE healthy – Move. Breathe. Drink warm flushing fluids!

In Yoga,
Aaron, Jeff, Michele



Several people have asked if we are considering closing our doors while this unprecedented event unfolds. Others have asked or thanked us to stay open. We want to share how we have been addressing this latest concern about the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Please know that quite simply, we exist for you. We cannot continue without you. No matter what unfolds, please know that Inner Vision so appreciates the opportunity to do what we can in a conscious manner to address this situation and will continue to maintain its high standards of cleanliness throughout all three of its studios.

Currently as of 3/16/20 evening, the AZ Dept. of Health recommends limiting gathering sizes to 50 or less (see web link below). This seems to be a virus with state to state and regional differences at this time. Though more general guidelines have been offered recently to keep gatherings at 10 or less, AZ is one of the states that has a lesser incidence of the virus. Perhaps this is why the State of AZ is maintaining its recommendation of 50 or less as acceptable. Nevertheless, Inner Vision Yoga has already cancelled current workshops and trainings and we are currently exploring options of canceling classes, limiting our class sizes even more, cutting down the class schedule and offering classes online. Some or all of these changes will take effect the week of March 22nd. Here are some of the other things IVY already does and is now doing for you and our staff:

  • NO MORE IPAD sign-ins/check-ins necessary. If you wish we will sign you into class. We encourage you to pre-register online to make the process quicker.
  • NO MORE RENTALS. We will no longer be renting mats or mat covers or towels until further notice. Mats and covers are available for purchase Or please bring your own.
    -Wipes down desktops and countertops with disinfectant spray or wipes.
    -Sprays all handles levers, shower valves, toilet handles and knobs in studios and bathrooms with disinfectant.
  • FOR EVERY CLASS our staff :
    -Sprays door handles inside and out with disinfecting spray.
    -Sprays studio entrance doors with disinfectant spray.
  • We will no longer be providing props for our classes.
  • We mop all floors after every class with with effective non-toxic anti-pathogenic solutions
  • We are changing filters in classrooms to HEPA where possible.
  • We are providing alcohol based solution for you to wipe down your mat in each studio.

Did you know? Our FAR INFRARED hot class environments (not recirculating hot air) are extremely inhospitable to viruses. Also sweat does not seem to transmit the virus… There’s a lower risk of picking up coronavirus at a gym or health club (unless you touch the equipment with bare hands) than at a church service where direct contact is made between patrons, according to David Thomas, MD, MPH, professor of medicine and director of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Most of our classes are offered in comfortably warm rooms anyway. Heating up inside the body with movement in general supports the immune system.

Here are some things we, and public health authorities ask of you please:

  • Bring your own towel if you are concerned. Although this virus doesn’t appear to live on permeable surfaces, please do what you feel is best.
  • Please do not come to the studio if you have the flu or feel sick. Keep in mind that is also allergy season and people may be sniffling for that reason. Keep perspective.
  • WASH your hands for at least 20 seconds before and after class.
  • Wipe down your mat using the solutions we are providing.
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes. Hold a tissue over your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. Throw that tissue away and wash your hands.
  • Refrain from touching your face, mouth, eyes.

Lifestyle/Practice Suggestions – always moderation:

  • Breathe: pranayama is a sure way to cleanse and purify within. Practice Dirga Pranayama (Three part breath) daily to clear the internal energy channels and cleanse the nervous system. Please see below for details.
  • Meditate: Practicing any form of meditation helps calm and clear the head, and gives us glimpses of pure stillness. It can help minimize stress.
  • Please make time for relaxation.
  • Drink hot or warm water.
  • Exercise – even walking helps.

Here are additional resources to help you stay informed:

We are always here for you, together in health, education and well being.
Go in/Peace Out.

With love,
Aaron, Jeff, Michele and the Entire IVY Staff



Dirga Pranayama
(Three part breath)

Three-Part Breath is calming, soothing and replenishing during times of stress and anxiety. This attention to the different parts of the body can also help focus the mind. Dirga is also referred to as the three-part breath because you are actively breathing into three different parts of the abdomen.

You can do this exercise with sitting upright or lying on your back. If sitting, you can place one hand beneath your belly button and the other hand in the heart region. When you are lying on the ground, it may be easier to feel the breath moving through the different parts of your body. See for yourself.

Start by breathing into the low belly and feel it expand with the breath. When the belly is full, draw in more breath, without forcing, expanding into the rib cage. Then, sip in just a little more air and let it fill the upper chest.

On the exhale, start from the upper chest. Release the breath allowing the heart center to sink back down. Then, release the breath from the rib cage. Finally, let the air go from the belly and draw the navel back towards the spine.

Continue at your own pace for about 10 breaths or as long as you feel comfortable.

Modification: You may make your inhalations and exhalations the same length. For example, inhale for a count of five, then exhale for a count of five. Once you are very comfortable with this and have no dizziness or shortness of breath, you can gradually increase the length of your exhalations until they are twice as long as your inhalations. For example, inhale for a count of five, then exhale for a count of ten.

When practiced correctly, Dirga Pranayama will rejuvenate and bring wellness and vitality to your mind, body, and spirit. Please do not force the breath or breathe too deeply. It’s important for your lungs to feel comfortably full, but not strained. Let your breath be easy and smooth. If your breath becomes strained or you start to feel dizzy or anxious, stop the exercise and let your normal breathing pattern return.