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What is dis-ease? What is healing?

by Jeff Martens Ghosts in the Attic Boo! Ghosts can seem frightening as a child. Most adults can easily dismiss such fears. But what if that ghost is you? When you are not yourself who are you?  The unreal is a fabrication, an illusion or projection.  Your ego is a ghostly apparition supported by past suffering that turns into fearful expectations.  Your …

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False Evidence Appearing Real

By Jeff Martens The Safety of the Familiar Many animals, especially cats it seems, can treat benign objects as if they were dangerous threats.  Even an unfamiliar banana can become a ferocious adversary when seen through an animal’s eyes.  The animal part of the human brain can also look at the world through this same filter of survival.  When left …

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The Blob: Who Do I Think I AM?

by Jeff Martens In 1958 the classic camp horror movie The Blob depicted a gelatinous morphing glob shape-shifting space jelly that grew at an alarming rate by absorbing everything in its path.  Our ego is a “Phantom Self”.  Like the Blob or a phantom limb it is illusory and functions asa container for our (much coveted) misery.  When we perceive the world …

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Movie Reviews

Cloud Atlas

Residual Afflictions give rise to root actions experienced as the self in present or future births. – Yoga Sutra 2.12 I thought for sure Tom Hanks was going to ruin this movie. Though he did wonderfully in Saving Private Ryan, Hanks’ “Gump-ishness” seemed too light a feather to be set in the wings of such an epic yarn.  Luckily he …

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Ask the Yogi

Ask the Yogi: Wild Energy in Backbends

Wild Energy in Backbends Q: I have noticed that after doing a night of backbends I am filled with this sort of wild energy.  Sometimes it can make it difficult to sleep.  Some off my classmates also have the same experience.  What’s going on?More than any other pose, backbends have the potential to open up the heart, which is the …

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Ask the Yogi: Twists

Ask The Yogi Twists and Calmness Question: Why do twists, which are often challenging postures, often have such a calming effect? Answer:  This question can be answered at many levels, which ultimately all flow together, linking physiological and anatomical details to amazing sensations of wholeness and integration. The muscular-skeletal system provides structural stability and controlled mobility, which allow you to …

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Ask The Yogi – Bored with practice

Boredom Q: I love yoga and coming to class. At times, like with anything, my routine can get monotonous. Do any of you ever feel you need to take a break with yoga or change it around? My day wouldn’t be complete without my morning routine. It’s like my coffee to get me going for the day and puts me …

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Yoga Links

Yoga Links

Look to these sites for more info on yoga and related topics… Featured Links Bodywork/Somatic Healing Donna Martens – Certified Yoga Therapist, Co-Director Healing Emphasis Yoga Master Teacher Training David Berceli – TRE Heath and Nicole – National Bodywork Jeff Martens – Fear to Clear Healing, Certified Yoga Therapist Arizona Natural Medicine, L.L.C.-Naturopathic Physician-Sarv Varta Khalsa, NMD, 1/4 mile from studio! …

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