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  • Choose from multiple classes and locations. Inner Vision Yoga offers more classes than any other yoga studio in the East Valley. All levels, all styles welcome.
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  • Live, in-studio classes at any of our three locations
  • Good for 10 consecutive days of classes
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Want Livestream only?

New Student $20 Introductory LOVE (Live) Stream Only Intro Package includes:

  • At least 4 LOVE (Live) Stream classes each day to attend from the comfort of your own surroundings.
  • Access to special community events; free to all package holders
  • Two REPLAY classes each day to broaden your choices (access up to an hour after start time for yoga when you need it)
  • Receive a new student discount on your first regular package purchase after your new student introduction.
Online only $20

*Intro packages valid for first time visitors only (Not a student at IVY in the past 12 months), one package per person, must be used within two weeks of purchase. New student package for LIVE on-site group classes are available to local, valley residents only.  This special offer is only valid on your first visit to the studio.  Offer may not be transferred or extended.

What Do I Get with Inner Vision Yoga?

Inner Vision Yoga’s dedicated and enthusiastic teachers have extensive experience in every aspect of yoga from asana to anatomy to philosophy with an emphasis on cultivating greater awareness. We specialize in safe alignment and meditative aspects of the practice in addition to offering great healing workouts for mind and body. We offer IN-STUDIO and LOVE (Live) Streamed yoga classes daily.  Our in-studio classes follow the safest standards and protocol. All of our teachers are Master Certified teachers or in a Master Certification training program; most have been teaching 10 or more years.

LOVE (Live) Stream Testimonials:

“I’ve found it to be seamless and wonderful!” – C.S.

“I can’t tell you enough how much of a blessing your Love stream classes have been for me over these past couple of weeks. It is so wonderful to see your familiar happy faces during this time! It makes such a difference to be able to practice with you and the other local yogis together as a group versus me following a workout on a yoga app. I cant even compare the two.  Thank you all so much for bringing such joy to our lives!” – C.C.

“Thank you so much for this! I pay monthly but travel a lot for work (usually) and really miss my yoga classes when I am on the road. This will allow me to get classes from my hotel room wherever I am. Was hoping and praying you would continue them. I have been loving them at home.” J.B.

“Thank you so much for these live streaming classes! I can hardly express how wonderful it is to do a class in real time with your great instructors, knowing that my fellow yogis are also experiencing it along with me. It’s the opposite of ‘isolation’ — it’s a feeling of community that we all need now… In addition, it’s helpful to have a set time around which to organize my day, something to look forward to, and — it’s great to see the studio room and the teacher… A positive all the way around!!” L.B.

New Students

Some guidelines to make the practice better for you and your fellow students

  • Blocks or straps, rental mats and showers are available.
  • Please turn off or completely silence your cell phone (please do not leave your phone on vibrate) or better yet, leave it in your car or with your shoes.
  • Please keep your voice low while in the studio, so as not to disturb others who may already be in another class or preparing for their class.
  • Please arrive five minutes early to check in for your class and give yourself time to set up your mat before class starts.  Please note that students arriving too late will not be allowed entrance.
  • Please set up your mat on designated areas only.
  • Please refrain from wearing perfume, cologne or scented oils as other students may be sensitive to smells.
  • Please maintain social distancing and do not step on other’s yoga mats.
  • Please allow others to enter or exit the room and studio without crowding them.
  • All instruction is a suggestion; nothing is mandatory.  Rest is always an option.

What to Bring For Yoga Class

  • Comfortable, non-restrictive workout clothing
  • A water bottle and towel for heated and more active classes.
  • A yoga Mat (yoga mats may also be rented or purchased at Inner Vision Yoga)
  • A towel or mat cover for hot yoga to prevent slipping (may be rented)

Perhaps the most important thing to bring is yourself — to just show up and give yourself the gift of time spent strengthening and cleansing the body/mind while connecting with your entire being.

Choosing a First Class

Great classes to start with are yin and HEY: Feeling Good from the Inside Out for gentler effects, Level 1 and Level 1 flow and 26 posture classes (if you know Bikram Yoga, you will LOVE our 26 Posture classes) for a bit more of an accessible workout.  See class descriptions here and look for a “1” or “2”.

I’m new to Yoga.  What should I expect?

Nothing like you’ve ever experienced before.  Ideally, yoga teaches us to let go of expectations so we can experience life as it is in this moment.

Here is some additional reading:

Studio Rules

  • Please visit here for latest guidelines and attendance requirements.
  • Please show up in time. We intend to honor the safety and commitment of clients who arrive on time by discouraging disruptions.
  • See staff for lost & found items.  Please check on lost items promptly.  Items remaining after 2 weeks will be donated.