Benefits of Yoga

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Okay, you’ve thought about doing yoga or perhaps you are already practicing and want to learn the benefits of a regular practice. The primary benefit of practicing yoga is Self-realization: a stilling of the mind’s disturbances so you experience life at its deepest and most profound level. Yoga helps to focus intentionally and live life on-purpose.

There are also many other extremely beneficial side effects!

“Side Effects” of a regular yoga practice

According to a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, physical inactivity and poor diet are just about to overtake smoking as the leading cause of preventable death in the United States.  (For more on yoga and diet, see the article “Yoga and Nutrition” in our Inspiration section.)

A regular hatha yoga practice can go a long way to address the following issues:

Better Balance, foot and knee health

Practicing Bare-foot allows the nerve endings at the soles of the feet to give feedback to ankles knees and hips, strengthening balance, postural muscles and stability.

Prevent some forms of diabetes

All forms of exercise including yoga help to stabilize blood glucose levels which are an important factor in the prevention or minimization of diabetes.

Prevent arthritis

One of the best preventions or relievers of arthritis is motion and exercise.  Using all the muscle groups in a typical yoga practice strengthens bone and improves coordination and balance.  The low-impact form of exercise present in yoga postures can improve endurance, muscle strength and joint flexibility as well as range of motion.

Relieve and heal backaches

Unlike pain medication or heating pads, yoga goes right to the core physical cause of a backache helping you to recognize areas of chronic tension and trace them to their physical/emotional roots in order to let the pain go.  Overall fitness and muscle tone is essential to your spine’s health.  The more aerobic forms of yoga feed your spine with vital oxygen (the spine gets almost all of its nutrients from your breath) and helps to create flexible hamstrings and hip flexors which can free-up the lower back.

Improve mental health

A huge part of any yoga practice is calming the mind’s ability to disturb yourself and others. A regular yoga practice can reduce or eliminate the root of anxiety disorders and depression and lead to a more peaceful state conducive to confidence, grace and calm efficiency in pressured situations.

Prevent or heal from heart disease

A regular yoga practice can reduce blood pressure, and lower cholesterol and body fat, all major factors contributing to cardiovascular disease.

Prevent the bone loss of osteoporosis

The low impact nature of Yoga postures can be especially effective for post-menopausal women and older men in building and preserving bone density.

All of these side-effects make it possible for us to live more in harmony with our bodies and minds so that they may assist us in connecting with our true nature of peace and fulfillment.  We invite you to come practice with us and experience for yourself the joyful benefits that come from the direct experience of yoga.

HOT Yoga

Inner Vision Yoga also offer HOT YOGA, heating our rooms with far-infrared panels from Europe.  Cleansing the skin with sweat helps to detoxify and clear this largest organ of the body.  Just like being in a far-infrared sauna with all of the health benefits including better range of motion and increased cardiovascular exercise!  For more information on our far-infrared Hot Yoga click here.

Sources: the American Heart Association, Andrew Feldman M.D. (The Jock Docs body Repair Kit), National Institute of Aging, FIT Smart USA Weekend.

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