HOLIDAY SALES – The Gift of Yoga

Give the Gift of yoga!

Deliver on the Day and Time of your choice!

UNIQUE ONE-OF-A-KIND GIFTS – Two Studios PLUS Livestream

No more shopping necessary!

All you need is the email of the person receiving your gift… We take care of the rest!

Experience Matters!  Inner Vision Yoga’s Master Yoga Teachers have Master-level Training and have been teaching for many years!

Give a Gift Certificate or a Class Package!

Give a Gift Certificate and Let Them Choose…

Give Your Gift of Yoga by email!  Click your choice below:

Give a $25 Gift Certificate

Give a $50 Gift Certificate

Give a $100 Gift Certificate

ANY $$$ AMOUNT gift certificate!

Give an INTRODUCTORY yoga class package!

Students will get access to ALL classes online and in person at all studios plus a special discount offer for their next package.

NEW STUDENT 10 day unlimited $39 Gift Card (NEW students ONLY please)

OR purchase your gift in the studio!

This Holiday Season, Share the Gift of Yoga with Loved Ones and Friends!

IVY ‘Green’ Gift Cards are now available in $25, $50, $75 or any amount!

You Choose the Date they Receive Your Gift!

Purchase an IVY ‘Green’ Gift card in the studio or purchase online now to arive via email to arrive on the day of your choosing!

IVY ‘Green’ gift cards can be redeemed to purchase class packages, including our NEW STUDENT 10 days of Unlimited Yoga for just $39, for someone NEW to Inner Vision Yoga.  Or, they can be used to purchase any of our other class packages, workshops or merchandise in any of our studios by both existing and new students.

Give someone you love the gift of health, wellness and peace of mind … Give the Gift of Yoga!

Get a 1/2 hour private yoga session with Jeff to improve at least three of your yoga poses and learn the healing power of correct healing alignment in your practice and your life!  Click your choice below to purchase:

Gift card for 1/2 hour IN-PERSON session with Jeff: $50

Gift card for 1/2 hour ONLINE private session with Jeff: $50



5 classes – $92.65 Gift Card – For NEW Students ONLY

10 classes – $152.15 Gift Card – FOR NEW STUDENTS ONLY

30 days unlimited – $135.15 Gift Card – FOR NEW STUDENTS ONLY