Ask the Yogi – Yoga and Insomnia

Yoga and Insomnia

Q:  Is there a particular pose or flow of poses condusive to reducing insomnia?

A: Your question really depends on the cause of Insomnia.  Is it stress?  Diet can play a huge role in healthy sleep and their are many excellent supplements and herbs that can aid in healthy sleep.  Do you have a proper circadian rhythm?  Some people disrupt their own rhythms by sleeping in rooms that sunlight cannot enter in the morning or they take naps that disrupt the rhythm.

As far as poses are concerned I would encourage any of the inversion poses of yoga.  The most accessible and relaxing is Viparita Karani which is legs up the wall pose.  Extend both legs up the wall and relax the spine into the earth.  Try to spend at least 5 mins in this pose and work towards 10-15 if you like.  This will massively increase blood flow back towards your heart and drain your legs of pooling blood from the day.  This pose will relax your legs and feet and create wonderful energy flow through your body.  To make the pose more comfortable you may place a blanket or pillow under your hips to elevate your hips above your heart in this pose.  Another relaxing technique is to use an eye pillow over your eyes while resting in this pose.  Practice comfortable and long breaths and work towards feeling fully relaxed while in the pose.  Then you are ready for sleep.  Many blessings.  AG

Aaron is a teacher and co-owner of Inner Vision Yoga. All suggestions are voluntary.  Consult a qualified teacher or your physician before you embark on any practice in which you are unfamiliar.