Healing Emphasis Yoga Therapy

Exclusively at Inner Vision Yoga: H.E.Y. Therapeutics

  • For healthy individuals who want to release tension before it becomes a problem
  • For those with injuries or health conditions that need modifications (check with your physician first)
  • All levels welcome
  • 75 minutes long
  • Included with your regular class package.

What is Healing Emphasis Yoga (HEY)?

In addition to the overall benefits of yoga, HEY classes use Dharana (concentration) on a targeted physical area such as the sacrum or shoulders while addressing particular blocks in the body’s energetic system.

In addition to our regular classes that focus on health, strength and mental balance along with healing, HEY classes focus on healing from the inside out by drawing more circulation, mobility, strength and revitalizing prana to the area of focus.

Interested in the Healing Emphasis Yoga Therapy Program certification program? 


HEY Specialty class offerings

HEY – Chair and Core Restore Yoga
These specialty healing classes are for special populations or anyone looking to strengthen and heal in a balanced way. For more information on HEY specialty classes – click here

HEY class offerings on Regular schedule

HEY – Core Strength and Stretch
Class for overall health and fitness that focuses on core strength and stretching and relieving deeply held tension and stress in back and psoas muscles. Similar to a L 1-2, this class also incorporates yoga/healing philosophy. Using breath work, meditation and energy channeling through awareness to reduce stress and tension. Focus on integrating mind and body back into wholeness. 75 min. Suitable for beginners: Gentle to Moderate intensity.

HEY – Core Stress Release (CSR)
A set sequence of poses designed to compassionately challenge the muscles and joints to release held physical tension while accessing the more subtle roots of past holding.  Class will conclude with Psoas Release stretch and healing tremors. The source of many knots and dis-ease can be traceable or accompanied by fear rooted in the past.  The physical and energetic release of fear, guilt and judgment can be stored in the psoas and when released, can bring healing throughout the whole body from head to toe, Neck to the sacroilliac joint and psoas. A good workout accessible to all levels.

HEY Healing from the Inside Out
Cultivate a clear mind, a calm heart, and a free body by blending therapeutic Yoga techniques with Chinese medical principles. When our prana (life force) is overactice or underperforming in one or several areas of our body, we may develop tension, discomfort, or pain.  Learn to use breath and meditative movement to balance the organ meridians (prana currents) and gently release tension throughout the body.  On the gentler side, this class leaves the body feeling refreshed and renewed with surprising challenges in strength building and body/mind awareness.


How Does HEY Work?

Using the powers of concentration and directing it specifically at the area of emphasis for the particular class can cause tremendous healing effects to take place

Each teacher will do this in their own way, integrating that body part or aspect of self that is injured, hurt or troubling back into the energetic loop.  Teacher-researched and targeted asanas (postures) combine with guiding thoughts towards acceptance of the injury, joining with the hurt area, etc. to re-establish greater ease for the area, reducing dis-ease and injury while addressing any deeper or more subtle causes if they are present in the concept of the self.

This holistic and powerful approach of the mind and heart to heal the body is explored through targeted yoga poses known to have beneficial effects on the body.

PLEASE NOTE: This the contents of these classes and everything on this web page do not constitute medical advice. This material is not given for the purpose of diagnosis or treatment. For diagnosis or treatment, you should consult a licensed/qualified medical professional.