Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

Did you know that Inner Vision Yoga offers yoga therapy sessions with certified yoga therapists?

Sessions may be purchased in single or multi-session options.

In addition to our regularly scheduled group classes that offer an emphasis on yoga therapy, private sessions are also available to help you focus in on the specific healing work that is just right for you.

Jeff Martens and Donna Martens are yoga therapists certified with the International Association for Yoga Therapists. Jeff and Donna are also co-directors of the Healing Emphasis Yoga Therapy master training program.  Healing Emphasis Yoga Therapy combines the ancient practice of yoga and mindfulness with the latest scientific discoveries and innovative updated knowledge of anatomy and neurobiology to help address the root of challenges, discomfort, fear and dis-ease.

Private yoga therapy sessions may address many issues including the following:

  • Spine health and low back pain release
  • Frozen Shoulder, Tendonitis and Arthritis
  • Frozen Hip, Limited Internal Rotation, and Hip Arthritis
  • Shoulder, neck and upper back relief promoting normal range of motion and proper function
  • Rehabilitation and recovery from injury or illness
  • TRE – Trauma releasing experiences to help let go of past panic, anxiety, trauma and fear as it relates to the nervous system and self concept.
  • Private customized yoga nidra session- Deep meditative reconsolidation of healing at the subconscious level.
  • Bone Building and osteoporosis/osteopenia reversal
  • Arthritis relief and improved joint function and range of motion balancing biomechanics through proper alignment.
  • Scoliosis management and reversal.
  • Core strengthening and stabilization therapies
  • Stress transformation and management addressing anxiety, anger, fear and their related physical disorders and symptoms including high blood pressure and autoimmune disorders.
  • Myofascial releasing to reformulate chronic tension and movement patterns into healthy strength-building integration reflecting a higher self-concept.
  • Chronic pain management and healthy strategies for dealing with future pain both physical and emotional.

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Donna Martens
Donna DiNunzio Martens (500-hour Master RYT with over 800 hours of training, co-director HEY Therapy Program, Certified Yoga Therapist through the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT)).  Donna specializes in physiology and kinesiology along with fascial and anatomy train work to help create optimal strength and vitality.  Donna specializes in private and group therapeutic yoga including Yoga Nidra, Trauma and Stress Release and Rehabilitative Yoga to support physical therapy and recovery from dis-ease and injury.  iayt-logo International Association of Yoga Therapist Inner Vision YogaHer love of asana and the experience of the profound healing and energetic effects of yoga ground her teaching and her life.  She co-founded the HEY program with Jeff Martens and has studied with Paulie Zink, Sarah Powers, Paul Grilley, Mukunda Stiles, Rama Vernon, and Tias Little.

Jeff Martens
Jeff Martens (co-owner Inner Vision Yoga Studio, Director of 200, 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training, co-director of HEY Therapy Program and IAYT-certified yoga therapist) Jeff specializes in postural integration and working with thoughts and emotions and their influence on the physical body and behavioral anatomy.  He has beeniayt-logo International Association of Yoga Therapist Inner Vision Yoga teaching yoga and healing since 1993.  He integrates an extensive knowledge of anatomy and psychology along with story and spiritual teaching in his classes and healing sessions.  Favorite teachers include Paramahansa Yogananda, Louise Hay, Neville Goddard, past chronic illness and the teachings of many spiritual paths. Please click here for more info.

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