Cindi Ketterer RYT

Cindi Ketterer, RYT 200, 500 RYT and 500 Certified Healing Emphasis Yoga Therapy, was tapped on the shoulder by yoga back in 2013, when a friend suggested she try a class at Innervision. Little did she know what this journey would become. For decades prior to this class, she had relied on her power of thinking, problem-solving and activity of the mind to step through each day. With a continued, steady practice, a new contrasting invitation was tapping on her heart.  Cindi began to experience shifts in the body and an unknowing that paved the way to connect more deeply within.  A slow transition was occurring that moved her from being a long-distance runner that ignored her physical pings and pangs, to becoming a better listener of her soul. Cindi ‘s curiosity led her to enroll in the IVY teacher trainings and she has now completed the RYT 500-hour and Healing Emphasis Yoga certifications. Her teaching style reveals her love of alignment and awareness of feeling here and now.  Always a student and forever open to receiving, she encourages others to follow their own curiosities to uncover their magic within.