May 11th Sun Salutation Workshop

With Dusty Snow

Saturday May 11th
Tempe, In Person Only

Join Dusty Snow as she leads you through a deeper understanding of the Sun Salutations known as Surya Namaskar in Sanskrit. The entire foundation of Vinyasa (flow) styles are rooted in this dynamic movement and it can be considered a moving meditation.

We will break down the different variations of Surya Namaskar, as well as go over the origin and history.  The intention behind the workshop is to help you develop a safe approach to move through Sun Salutations, to assist in ways to modify and create a strong foundation in the transitional movements. We will also learn the Sun Salutation with a mantra chant.

Surya Namaskar can be practiced by itself if limited on time, a fantastic way to start your day.

Price is $35 by May 4, $45 after

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