Julie Hoffman

Julie Hoffman has been studying yoga since 2002 and is a teacher of our Prenatal Yoga classes. This journey has taken her from power yoga to yin and everywhere in between. She  completed the 200 hour teacher training through Inner Vision Yoga, and she then enrolled in the 300 hour course. Julie has been an RN for over 25 years, with eight of these years spent providing care to women in Labor and Delivery. She has attended nearly 1000 deliveries. Julie’s nursing studies concluded with her completion of her doctoral degree in nursing practice, which she earned in 2012. Teaching prenatal yoga provides Julie with the opportunity to combine two of her passions by helping women have healthy pregnancies through the practice of yoga. She believes that yoga should be accessible to persons at all stages of their lives, regardless of their physical abilities or limitations. As a karma yogini Julie has always sought out ways in which to serve her community. Using her skills as both a yoga teacher and an RN gives Julie the gift of improving the health and well being of others.

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