200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials

This Inner Vision Yoga Teacher Training Program Changes Lives!

Real life, Real people, Real experience. Be prepared for any teaching experience and any BODY with Inner Vision Yoga! Training yoga teachers since 1997.  Our students range in age from 15 to 83. 

Here’s what they have to say!

I am so glad that I listened to my gut!  Completing the IVY TT I deepened my practice but even more importantly got connected to a deepened sense of my spirituality.  Yoga has always reminded me of the difference between what is real and what is not, and the IVY TT was a profound experience of this. – S.J.

You have left a profound mark on my journey.  This masterpiece of a teacher program has hues of authenticity and textures of love, kindness and laughter.  The grace and deep understanding you all have of Yoga and Eastern philosophy is something I will always aspire to embody.  I honestly cannot thank you enough for this rich experience. -K.W.

An invaluable investment!  What started as a journey to learn more about asanas led me to learn more about my true self!  Amazing program and teachers. -C.D.

I learned so much.  Teachers are all kind, patient, understanding, compassionate.  It is a beautiful thing to be a part of! <3 – A.S.

I loved this program!  Life changing, fulfilling spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically.  Staff and admin are thorough, caring and highly professional.  – Anon

I really appreciated the attention to detail in correct alignment, as well as the explanations for how they can harm or benefit the body. It’s amazing how you may think your body is in a certain position, but it’s really not and it can take some time to break bad habits. Overall, I think just that advanced my yoga practice, it feels so different now. I also really enjoyed the meditation and personal development aspect. Especially through the pandemic I think I really needed that. Reminders of self-love and appreciation are the first steps to making that your permanent way of thinking (when) we are naturally so hard on ourselves. – Amy K.

I never imagined how life-changing yoga teacher training could be.  I feel like I m just learning who I am.  My yoga practice has changed as I gained so much knowledge from all of the teachers.  It was an incredible experience. – Theresa

It was such a flawless transition from in person Yoga Teacher Training to online Yoga Teacher Training. Being able to learn in a group setting then to smaller break-out rooms was extremely helpful in completing my 200 hour training. Loved being able to complete the training in the comfort of my own home. – Marlene

I’ve walked away (from this training) feeling confident about going out into the word to tech not only asanas and pranayama but also the yogi way of life.  More importantly, I grew emotionally and spiritually from this experience and connected deeply with people who were complete strangers when I started but are now all my friends.  – Anon.

You say that our lives will change.  We think of big, visible ways our lives may change.  However, my life changed in a small but very powerful way… I used to worry about (a lot) of things.  I tried not to let it show, but inside I was worried or nervous… Somewhere during the course of the last 80 days , I just turned all of that worry over to the universe.  I approach each day with so much more calm than I did before… Thank you so much for a life-changing course.  – H.N.

I cannot begin to describe how truly life changing this program is! The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable, and they truly cared about each one of us. I started the program with the intention of improving my practice and possibly teaching. I finished the program with 11 lifelong friends, a huge amount of spiritual and physical growth as well as the confidence and skills to teach yoga. Oh, and I also discovered a few hidden talents that I didn’t know I had. If you are thinking about this program, I say go for it, you will not regret it.
Thank you, IVY, I’m forever grateful! – A.S.

I feel so fortunate to have completed all of my teacher training at Inner Vision Yoga (IVY) through the years, an incredible experience all around. Even as I moved out of Arizona I continue to return to IVY again and again as the teachers are truly amazing and the community feels like family. Much love and respect to co-owners Jeff Martens, Michele Dante, and Aaron Goldberg, plus their fabulous team of teachers who maintain a high level of integrity in their program while delivering their knowledge in a fun, loving, kind, and inclusive way. Keep up the great work! And, to anyone seeking a great yoga teacher training program: look no further than IVY. – R.R.

I cannot believe how much I learned from IVY’s YTT program these past few months.  The program is both broad and deep… My yoga practice has been transformed.  My life has been enlightened.  And since many of us come to the program to become teachers (as I did), I want to emphasize that I graduated truly ready to teach.  In fact, I was able to start teaching and even received my first job before graduation! – N.H.

Not only did I meet wonderful and knowledgeable instructors, but I also built a community of amazing friends and support network… Inner Vision equipped me with all the tools I need to go out there and share the power of yoga with the world! – J.T.

I began the Inner Vision Yoga teacher training thinking I would learn how to tech yoga.  What I didn’t know was that the training would effect and benefit my whole life!  My classmates became great friends… I have stretched my brain academically… (and) I have really grown as a person.  The program has encouraged me to live more in the present … I also got my plantar fasciitis under control with my anatomy project… Every day I feel blessed and grateful I chose IVY YTT for my yoga teacher training! – C.H.

Incredible program!  I’m so grateful to all the teachers for making this experience possible.  The training has prepared me to be come a yoga teacher but its also made me a better human being. – Anon.

Life-changing instructors that are very knowledgeable and interested in the success of each student.  Great program, informative and applicable far beyond the mat. – D.R.

I learned a great deal.  My physical practice really skyrocketed – but my knowledge of yogic teachings went through the roof! – M.T.

The training far exceeded my expectations!  I left with the knowledge and confidence  I need to teach yoga.  But most importantly, I grew as an individual and have found a new purpose in life. – D.L.

Inner Vision Yoga far exceeded any expectations I had prior to going into the program. The instructors were all exceptional practitioners and even more skilled teachers. The content of each class and personalized experience that we gained as students was particularly outstanding. I now feel very grounded and confident to take what I know in my personal practice and share it with others. I am forever grateful for the community and knowledge I’ve gained through this beautiful program. – J.T.

Excellent program and teachers. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a comprehensive yoga teacher training. – J.H.

The 200 Hour YTT program at Inner Vision Yoga far exceeded my expectations! To say the teachers are amazing would be an understatement. I learned everything I had hoped to learn and SO much more. I made connections with people that I will have forever. I will take the experience with me for the rest of my days. The program is life changing and I can’t express my gratitude enough or say enough good things about Inner Vision Yoga and their teachers. – A.S.

I feel so fortunate to have done my YTT at Inner Vision Yoga. The instructors gave us exactly the tools we needed to grow as practitioners and transform into teachers. It’s an exceptional program! – Keri

A very thorough yoga teaching program. IVY offers a diverse array of highly experienced instructors. The educational experience exceeded my expectations. I have deepened my personal practice on multiple levels and fell well prepared to teach yoga. – M.W.

I can’t imagine a finer group of instructors to lead an individual down such a tremendously life-changing path. Each and every instructor brought to the class such a different style and one that, most importantly, was genuine and true to each one of them. Their love and knowledge of the subject was apparent every step of the way. THANK YOU!!! – K.D.

Incredible program! I’m so grateful to all the teachers for making this experience possible.  The training has prepared me to become a yoga teacher but it’s also made me a better human being. – K.I.

It was awesome being able to teach. This course has really prepared us well to be able to teach. I also found out about myself that I enjoy talking about anatomy and explanation of the poses vs. a more philosophical theme. Would recommend program to anyone interested transforming his/her life. – S.P.

Thank you for being so flexible and understanding during my journey of completing the program. This is a huge accomplishment for me and I’m so grateful for all the instructors at Inner Vision that helped me along the way! You guys are amazing! – J.P.

Because of my yoga training, everyday I’m discovering new layers and depths in my practice and in my teaching.  Thank you!!! For paying attention to your divine self and creating such a wonderful yoga school and studio that shines love and light into being. What you radiant souls do at Inner Vision Yoga changes peoples lives! – Bryan

I want to extend a great amount of gratitude to Maredith, Jeff, Michele, Aaron, Donna and everyone else who assisted me at Inner Vison. While you warned us that this training program stood out above the rest, now that I have been teaching for almost two years, I truly see the difference. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You all do amazing, meaningful work and I wish to communicate that! – S.W.

Sharing a shout-out for IVY YTT Program: I subbed a class for a 500HR Teacher today who went through SWIHA; he observed me teaching, and shared afterward he was jealous of my expertise and ability–THANK YOU, IVY!  I definitely felt very well prepared and competent. I am proud to be a graduate. – C.S.

This experience was absolutely life changing for me. I learned so much, not only about teaching yoga, but about myself as well.  Thank you all so much for being such inspiring teachers! – H.S.

Inner Vision has given me an abundance of knowledge, resource and opportunity for growth not just as a yogi but as a person too. I fell in love with yoga a decade ago and I never realized how much that love and appreciation would grow and blossom. You are all knowledgeable and compassionate teachers, I enjoy practicing and learning from you. I will never forget your place of community, it feels like home. – A.S.

Thank you for everything.  IVY has been a refuge in tough times, a place of joy and inspiration, a safe place to break through barriers and see the truth.  I will always hold IVY close to my heart. – K.C.

I’m fully into my 5th year of on-going classes, usually 6 to 8 each week!  Who Knew?!!!! I really value the training I had at Inner Vision and think about it every single time I teach! – N.C.

The deeper understanding of what yoga really is helps you understand how to teach poses and also helps deepen your personal practice.  The program changed my life with the understanding of how to practice yoga in my personal life.  I always tell friends that I felt like this process has given me a key to understanding what life has to offer.  I feel privileged to have been part of this experience.  I worked with amazing teachers and made incredible friends that I will have for life. – L.L.

During my yoga teacher training, completed at IVY June 2007, we were told the experience would change our lives. I didn’t fully comprehend or experience exactly how much at first. The life-changing continues to unfold and, having taught now for just over 4 years, I can’t imagine my life without this gift. The changes have been significant and wonderful! Thank you, again! – N.C.

As I continue to learn more about yoga through my 300 hr training and workshops, I realize what a very good job you all at IVY did with the 200 hr teacher training. I know now that as vast and broad and many times, overwhelming that it was, it barely scratched the surface. But you all did such a good job in laying a foundation of understanding that I feel confident in continuing my studies, rather than totally lost. I’m grateful for that. I also know how much you all gave us in terms of the art of teaching others as I teach. -Sally U

As I reflected upon some feedback (positive) that was shared after teaching a student yoga this evening, I realized in a more profound way the gift that you and the teachers at Inner Vision provide to those of us who are blessed to be your students. – Rhonda V

I loved my YTT experience at Inner Vision. Studying under one teacher only provides a limited perspective on how to teach, however at Inner Vision we learn how to approach our unique teaching styles based on the wisdom and experience of so many Master Level Yoga Teachers… The best part of the YTT program at Inner Vision is that it is true to the name.  I truly felt a sense of looking inward and expanded my teaching ability far beyond what I expected.  It brought more sanity to my relationships and more consciousness to my daily life….and for that I am truly grateful. – A.Q.

Thank you both for a wonderful experience in the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program.  it was an experience like no other and I can honestly say it changed my life and the way I look at things.  I loved every minute of it and I’m looking forward to applying for admission to the 300 hour program. – Denise K

Sometimes the Universe gives you exactly what you need… That’s how I feel about the teachers at IVY.  Each and every one of them has taught me something special and brings something very unique to the teaching of yoga.  They each have their own energy that draws you to them- to want learn more from them.  This made all of my lessons during my 200 hours not only enjoyable, but life changing. – Debra M

IVYTT has taught me the value of stillness, of awareness, and how to truly feel alive. This program just seems too real and beautiful to keep to myself. – Sonja B.

I wanted to mention to you guys how much I’ve realized over the last year what an outstanding training program you gave me. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard other yoga teachers in the circles here say something like: “Where did you learn so much about Yoga? You must have a 500 hour certification at least!”. Or “your knowledge of teaching yoga is extremely well rounded. Where did you train?”. I compare my training from you to what I hear that other teachers received and it is very obvious that you guys are far and above the pack. So thank you for a wonderful training. – Chris B.

Attending the IVY Teacher Training was a pivotal experience for this 54 year old.  I grew and gained so much knowledge about yoga and about myself.  The relationships I formed, the knowledge I gained, and the peace and love I experienced completely rearranged my heart and mind. The program combined honest interactions, authentic instruction, and a safe but challenging environment in which to learn. The entire experience taught me the true practice of learning, teaching and leading with your heart. For this I thank you. – Sherrill P

I was very happy to find that I had the tools to (teach) new students a positive yoga experience while keeping the class interesting, challenging and enjoyable for those with more experience. My nervousness disappeared as I taught.  The modifications that I offered came instinctively thanks to your training. What a thrill and honor it is to teach yoga! I appreciate the extensive wealth of information and experience that you and all the other instructors at IVY have shared with us during this journey. – Kim C

Thank you for all you have done, the wisdom you have shared, and the love & support that you constantly give. Thank you. This 200hr TT journey has been filled with growth, love, and blessings for me. – Hui

Thanks for the wonderful experience.  This training was life changing.  Today was incredible.  Very moving ending to the 8 weeks. – Denise T

I can’t say enough good things about the program.  I’ve grown so much in my practice and as a person… I think the teachers are really top notch at IVY and I know because of my training I can be a good yoga teacher too. – Rachel J.

I wanted to thank you once again, for such a wonderful experience at Inner Vision.  You have a beautiful, thorough program full of  so much love, insight and light. I am looking forward to taking many classes when I am back in September.  I have loved teaching yoga and feel all the more passionate after my time at Inner Vision.  Thank you for your heart and inspiration by simply being you. Please pass on my love and appreciation to all of the instructors.
Sincerely, Jessica B.

The IVTT program was an incredible experience. I have taken a lot of  teacher training in my professional career.. and this was by far the most significant in my life. Both personally and professionally.  I am very much interested in the additional 300 hour training next year. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you! – Roseann F

When meeting…for an informal (job) interview, (an instructor said) “Oh, if you had your teacher training at Inner Vision, we don’t even need to know more, I know you are already an amazing instructor who is fully trained and capable!”  WOW…I thought that was a blessing for you and everyone who teaches there, so wanted you to know. – Nancy C.
Nancy’s Follow-up two years later:
I hear your voices, still, reminding ME to breathe, quiet my mind, giving me cues which I share with everyone daily. You have all been a huge influence in my life and as I continue to learn from the students who come to classes here, I am ever more thankful for how and what I was taught there. So often I am asked a question and I hear one of you answering for me as I remember your gentle guidance.

I so appreciate the professionalism and organization that you bring to the teacher training program. Whether it was for vinyasa teaching practice or just reviewing the guidelines there was a light-hearted yet sincere quality about you that made me feel so much more relaxed. I look forward to attending your classes as my training continues. – Karin M.

(This) training opened my physical and spiritual eyes to the wider world within. It stripped away what I thought was real and has helped me to understand Reality.  Through introductions to sacred texts and Masters of the Ages, I came to understand the limits and boundaries I had placed upon myself including the concept that I was truly open and accepting! That was a shock!

The anatomy classes were detailed enough to aid me as I learned about muscles and bones but not overly technical so as to be inaccessible.  The guest teachers introduced various ideas about different schools of Yoga that deepened the overall experience leading to a realization that Yoga is beyond a certain style or school.  The experience brought me such joy and an inner peace and contentment that I am compelled to share these gifts with others as a Yoga teacher.

And, my journey was not complete with the 200-Hour!  I wanted to delve even deeper and entered the 300-Hour Master Teacher Program. An intensely personal program that touched every aspect of what Yoga can bring to your life. – Mary S.

I miss Inner Vision tremendously!  The studio location was quite distant from where I lived in Phoenix, but all of your energy, teachings, wisdom, and compassion made me feel safe and inspired whenever I was there.  Thank you all for what you took the time to share with me.  I learned so much from you. – Tracy H.

Being a predominantly jñana yogi, I have participated in a substantial amount of supplemental training.  IVYTT of the training has influenced what and how I teach yoga and has profoundly influenced this one’s consciousness. Thank you again for all of your support and flexibility throughout this auspicious 500-hr YTT program! – Namaste, Valorie V.

You and the teachers at Inner Vision have been in my thoughts lately as I am traveling in India. I have been teaching classes to friends along the way in Australia, Thailand and now India. I am so grateful for the time I spent at Inner Vision and the incredible foundation that I started there. As I continue to learn I appreciate more and more what you all inspired in me in those three short months! – Heather H.

The 200 hour teacher training supported me in deepening my yoga practice.  It complimented my spiritual practice and encouraged me to delve inward in a more comprehensive way… deepening my relationship with my true self and with God.  The precious spirit of each individual classmate and the wonderful teachers I met while in training are a blessing in my life. I cherish the experiences, relationships and friendships I have been gifted with, all here at IVY.  I look forward to my continued growth as I journey on this yoga road. – Anysia B

I entered into the program to deepen my practice, but through the program I embraced parts of myself I hadn’t connected with, including my inner teacher. – Patti O.

IVYTT has been such a blessing for me — my practice is becoming far richer.  Knowing the history and philosophy gives me a different perspective when I practice. It helps me to be happy with my whole being. – Joy B.

Osho: “No Words. If it is possible, live an experience and don’t fix it with any words, because that will make it narrow.” My 200 hour training experience was life changing, the additional 300hr. training experience was a deepening, an awareness of beginning to touch into something infinite that words cannot define. – Barb R.