300 and 500 Hour Mastery of Yoga Therapy

Become a Healing Emphasis Yoga Therapist or Master of Yoga Therapy!

Choose the next dimension of yoga teaching and in your life: Healing Emphasis Yoga Therapy™ 300 and 500 Hour Tracks!

“(This) HEY Therapy Training is a top notch program that brings forth the philosophy that health is not only absence of disease, rather health is a vibration of positive energy that is emitted in all aspects of your life” – Graduated Student and R.N.

“The HEY yoga therapy program is outstanding and amazing! I would like to thank you and Jeff for your kind words and also for your support and encouragement throughout the entire HEY training…  I believe that the two of you are amazing master teachers and I am honored that I had the opportunity to work with both of you…”

Pay as you go and become a Yoga Therapist with 300 or 500 hour advanced training options.

Tuition information: https://www.innervisionyoga.com/yoga-teacher-training/tuition-and-payment-plans/

HEY™ Therapy 300 Hour Teacher HEY™ Therapy 500 Hour Master Teacher  What HEY students are saying…
Receive two years of specialized training in the art and science of healing yourself and others



 “Amazing experience that will help you grow as a teacher, while teaching you about yourself.”
Reinforce your newly learned skills  in a live classroom environment under the guidance of a master yoga therapists     “I feel I am a much better instructor now and have so many tools that I can use in my own personal practice…”
Observe master applications of therapeutic instruction in a live session environment



 “I truly learned that I do matter, that I am enough.  I found a new voice and new confidence for teaching.”
Individual certificates in Core Stress Release, Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga, Chair Yoga and much more…



“After having taught yoga for several years, taking this Healing Emphasis Yoga (HEY) Program improved my skills of observation, cuing and looking beyond, merely asana practice and greatly enhanced my ability to guide & instruct students…”
Learn how to teach group and individual yoga therapy sessions/classes



“If you want to learn and grow exponentially, both as a person and a yogi, this is the program to sign up for.  “
Direct mentorship and extra in-depth study of course materials


“The teachers are top-notch, definitely some of the best I have ever trained with.”
Gain additional practice teaching opportunities directed by a Master Yoga Therapist


“I looked high and low, for a long time, to join the ‘right’ yoga therapy program.  Inner Vision had… the very best reputation.  Best decision I have made for this journey:)”
Reinforce newly learned techniques through supervised practice and peer learning support sessions




“…An outstanding opportunity to deepen your practice, both personally and with your clients – not just with yoga, but with all forms of therapy work.”
Complete a six week guided Internship specializing in your unique area of  healing interest   “I give it my highest recommendation.”

More student testimonials!

“The HEY Program is the most powerful and transformational training program I have ever experienced.”

“I feel so incredibly blessed to have received this training. Most importantly, my clients feel safe and that they are in capable hands with “projects” that are so sensitive and deeply personal. THANK YOU!”


























 “Healing Emphasis Yoga™ Therapy Teacher”300 Hours

272 Contact Hours

“Healing Emphasis Yoga™ Therapy Certification” 600 Hours

+ 130 Contact Hours, 70 Non-Contact Hours (in addition to 300 hour program)

 “Master Healing Emphasis Yoga™ Therapist Certification” 800 Hours
 Become a 500 hr Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance*
Total Tuition: $3600*with your existing Yoga Alliance approved 200 hour certificate
Become a 500 hr Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance*
Total Tuition: $4950* Yoga Alliance Registration listed certification is for “Master 500 Hour Yoga Teacher”

Includes all certifications and Yoga Alliance Registration Options of 300 hr program + 500 Hr Certificate

Total Tuition: $6599

   Curriculum includes 200 Hours (C) of:

  • Yoga Nidra Specialized Scripts for Healing: Individual certificate!
  • Therapeutic Approaches to Yin Yoga: individual certificate!
  • Core Stress Release and TRE: Healing Trauma – Individual certificate!
  • Fear to Clear Therapy: Using fear to transform every area of your life: Individual certificate!
  • Yoga For Arthritis, Osteoporosis and Scoliosis
  • Chair Yoga: Individual certificate!


Additional Curriculum for 500 hr Certification includes:

Feldenkrais and Yoga Immersion: Individual certificate! – 10 Hrs

Ayurveda: the Science of Living: Individual certificate! – 40 Hrs (C)

Yoga and Somatic Psychology – 20 Hrs (C)

Applied Transformative Kinesiology in Asana – 20 Hrs (C)

Evolving the Client/Therapist Relationship – 10 Hrs (C)

TOTAL Beyond 300 hr: 100 (C)

 Additional direct contact hours including:

  • Supervised Case Study (30 NC Hours)
  • Yoga Therapy Clinic project (5 x 1.5 = 7.5 CH)
  • Posture Clinic  (5 x 1.5 = 7.5 CH)


“Living Your Yoga Therapy” Practicum

  • Observe and Document Group Yoga Therapy (42 hrs C)
  • Attend/Document Group Yoga Therapy (Journal) (15 hrs C)
  • Assisting (15 hrs C)
  • Approximately 28 hours of homework (NC)

272 Contact Hours + 28 NCH =300 Total Hours


300 hour Practicum plus “Yoga Therapy Embodiment” practicum:

  • Observe and Document Group Yoga Therapy (20 Hrs C)
  • Supervised Personal Practice (Journal) (23 Hrs C)
  • Assisting (20 Hrs C)
  • In-depth study of yoga therapy in chosen area of specialization – Individual Project (30 hours – NC)
  • Practice Teaching – 7 classes (1o.5 Hours – NC)

Total Practicum Hours: 63 CH + 37 NCH = 100 Total Hours

Total Beyond 300 Hr: 100 CH + 63 CH + 37 NCH = 200 HRS

GRAND TOTAL 500 HOUR Program: 272 + 163 = 435 CH + 65 NCH = 500 HOURS


500 hour practicum plus: HEY “Pioneer Program”

  • Assisting Practicum (15 CH)
  • Supervised Personal Practice (30 CH)
  • Individual Private Sessions with a Master Therapist and follow up (5 CH)
  • Applied Yoga Therapy practice teaching and documentation (30 NCH)
  • Applied Yoga Therapy Practice and Documented Teaching (30 NCH)

Have 90 NCH, Need 145 more

Have 65 CH, 500 Total for program

GRAND TOTAL 800 HOUR PROGRAM: 65 CH + 235 NCH = 300 Total Hours